About Us

Our company was founded in 1986 by Kambiz Vatandost. At the begining Topkapı factory
has started production of Polypropylene strapping and in the following years we have started
to sale polypropylene strapping machines and tools.

In 2003, our factory was built to the Organized Industrial Zone in Gebze Plastic
Manufacturers and in 2004 , Reifenhäuser (Reimotec) PP / PET production line was
purchased. With this new line we have started to produce Polyester (PET) strappings.

We have realized first in Turkish packaging sector with our New ,Reifenhäuser (Reimotec)
twin-screw system line , is the best quality brand in the world which is performing the
production of PP and PET strap at the same line.

35 % of our Production is exported to the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.







Gebze Organized Plastics Industrial Zone
Inonu Mahallesi, Ataturk Boulevard GEPOSB Gebze - KOCAELİ - TURKEY

Tel: (0262) 751 25 25 pbx.
Fax: (0262) 751 14 26

e-mail : polipak@polipakplastik.com